The musician

Yann Péran

I discovered the music at the age of 5. It is now constantly in the center of my life, and I like the idea that it never will.

The path of a musician who lives his passion :
After winning a gold medal at the Brest Music Academy, I met Alberto Ponce and decided to leave Britany.
I was awarded the 1st price to unanimity and cum magna laude at the Aubervilliers/La Courneuve Academy and the Musical Academy of Paris prize are given to me. I also took part in international contests with success.

Classical path you might say? Yes, but my inner world is already different from the usual paths that one can take.

Writting, chamber music and at the same time discovering so called «ancient» music with Eric Bellocq, a musician who has the rare sensibility of having a historical knowledge of this fascinating world that is the lute, the renaissance guitar and baroque, the «vihuela» and the theorbo, but still turned towards the future.
Acquire the stylistic knowledge, also historical, but to give some sense to all of this through what we understand of it. To me, we become fully sincere when we acknowledge that a part of us is in what we do.

Another encounter for me is with the guitar player Christian Rivet who, three months be-fore my degree, made me understand the importance of thinking by yourself…
A privileged moment when you make one with your instrument, or when you convey a science, you have to accept the present moment in order to re-write a history, taking into account both yourself and the others.

As a guitar, luth and theorbo professor in the academies of Cergy Pontoise, Rueil Malmai-son and also the Landes I make recitals in France and abroad on a regular basis.
My world is also between chamber music and my own creation.
I shared some privileged musical moments playing the guitar with the bass player Francois Mechali, the oboe player Jean Marie Poupelin, the saxophone player Jean Yves Fourmeau, and the clarinet player Pierre Dutrieu…
But also playing the theorbo or the lute with Patrick Cohen-Akenine and Francois Poly ( les Folies Françaises ), Frederic Michel-Bouin ( le poème harmonique ), Michel Quagliozzi, Francois Saint-Yves ( le concert spirituel ), Gilone Gaubert-Jacques ( les talents lyriques ), la Maîtrise de Versailles, the « Diabolus in Musica » ensemble.
Also some great memories of playing together with those composers with whom I had the privilege of creating some pieces like: Jean Bernard Colles, Steingrimur Rohloff, Georgia Spiropoulos , Laurent Durupt, Frederik Martin, Patrick Bournet, Gabriel Dufour-Lapérierre and Karol Beffa.

My work with Bruno Bonhoure and the formation «la camera delle lacrime» playing traditional occitany music represent also a significant step in my musical evolution. Always listening, sensible and unpredictable , Bruno starts with a very simple basis. Never more than three musical ligns , a simple melody we try to distort step by step, in order to enrich it, and to transform it… Bruno sings, I’m at the theorbo, Antoine is ar Iranian percussion, and than the improvisation can start.
We always know where the stories starts, but where will it lead us to is a mystery. By this, we still search for a meaning, to create bonds between our sensations, our world and the one around us.

I sincerely think that everything is possible when you admit to see the resounding object on all of its shapes, if you accept to revolve around to vary the points of view, the points of listening.

Shaping the time, listening to silence, linking things and people together through what the music raises in me is a miracle that I try to re-new every day.
Because this miracle gives me the opportunity to go deeper in my soul, to try and reach you.

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